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Taking over The Metaverse through Generative Art

A DAO by @hasgtagnohastag / APITec

The Project

DryEye is a collection of 11k non-fungible and semi-fungible tokens progressively minted on the Polygon network. Primarily, I bring you a work of generative art, a collaboration between a piece of code that I wrote and myself.

Each of its 50+ attributes is hand-drawn by me, and stitched together by my code, randomly generating over ten million unique iterations, of which only 11k will be minted. All of them are rad, but some, rarer than others.

My promise is simple, Ether generated by sales will be used to create wealth for our holders and opportunity for those who lack it. I plan to achieve this by doing the following:

  1. Proceeds will be used to set up a multi-disciplinary, multi-facing bureau in The Metaverse. We will be designing and selling consumer goods to its inhabitants.
  2. Earnings from the initial mint and generated through secondary projects will be used to set up and fuel an investment pool, to distribute among token holders and as a community pool to support organizations that are doing something good for the world.
  3. 6/10th of every ETH generated will go to the investment pool.
  4. 3/10th of every ETH generated from secondary sales and investments will get paid out as dividend on a quarterly basis.
  5. 1/10th of every ETH generated will go to the community pool.
  6. As a DryEye holder you will have a say in what projects will be invested in and what community organizations will be supported.

Feel free to reach out if you were to have any questions. I will do my best to get back to you. In the meantime, check out the collection so far here.



The Art

I have witnessed numerous collections tank after artwork is revealed as countless disappointed buyers sell off their NFTs. I would be ashamed if that were the case with DryEye. As an intended mitigation, I have obsessed over traits and possible combinations to do my best to assure that all holders will be delighted by the piece (or pieces) they mint.

Here are four very ordinary DryEyes I selected from a 100 piece trial. I hope you like them as much as I do. And know this: many more are waiting to get minted, some of which are similar to these, and others far more beautiful.

The Initial Roadmap

Every project needs a clear, concise and achievable roadmap. There is no space for vagueness, bullshit or overpromising.

I have precisely laid out what will be done in the time immediately following kickoff.

At launch, we'll start by putting the following plans into effect:

At 25% mint, we'll start working on the following:

  • Launch tee and hat collection
  • Purchase of Metaverse Land

At 50% mint, we will:

  • Design and build DryEyeGallery in The Metaverse
  • Double down on Metaverse Land

At 75% mint:

  • Ballot casting contract will de deployed for holder decision making

At 100% mint, we will complete the initial roadmap by completing the following:

  • Set up design bureau in The Metaverse
  • Investment pool will be funded
  • First round of dividends will be payed out
  • Community pool will be funded

Ongoing Projects

The investment pool will be continuously used to generate value for DryEye holders through the creation or funding of future projects. These are the ones chosen so far:

Social Responsibility

DryEye recognizes the unfairness that plagues our world and it is our belief that talent is boundless and non discriminating as long as it is given an opportunity to thrive. We look forward to level the playing field.

Own a DryEye

Mint is not live yet! We will announce our private and public mints through our social channels. Follow the links below to stay informed and apply to join our waitlist.

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